About Me

At Emily Faye Design Co., I take my love for embroidery and add a modern twist. I add that special touch to a simple, every day product. Paper 

Why embroidery?

My grandmother taught me how to embroider when I was just four years old. Every time Grandma would come to visit or I traveled to visit her, I would pull out the cigar box that she had filled with thread and fabric and I would sit beside stitching as she embroidered a square for her next quilt. I have been embroidering off and on ever since! Even though I have expanded my abilities in other fiber arts, I have always returned back to my love of embroidery.


Last May I was able to visit my grandmother and show her my cards and tell her about the business I was building and the markets I was planning on doing. I was able thank her for teaching me how to sew and embroider and for passing down her love for fiber arts. I am beyond grateful I had that moment with her and able to give her one last hug. We lost her just three months later. She was such an incredible, talented, and artistic woman full of love and joy.


My goal for Emily Faye Design Co. is to keep my grandmother's legacy and art alive and to share the joy she had with others, one stitch at a time. 


My line is currently all stationery products. Everything is hand stitched with that love I was talking about above. 


Please reach out if you have any questions or special request!